Do you use stitching to enhance your scrapbooking? [POLL]

21A comment from Cathy on the Pinbroidery blog got me wondering about the use of stitching patterns on scrapbooking pages. Cathy said “Scrapbookers are always looking for the whole age group theme – they will love getting a complete set in the persons favourite colour”. I thought it would be interesting to find out what percentage of scrapbookers incorporate stitching into their scrapbook layouts. Please let us know by taking part in this poll.

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If you do use stitching with your scrapbooking please tell us about it in a comment to this article.

The illustration shows how patterns from the new Pinbroidery numbers collection could look when combined as 21.

4 thoughts on “Do you use stitching to enhance your scrapbooking? [POLL]”

  1. I enjoy using stiching for making cards. I give the cards I make to the Missionarys wives that visit my church. They love to recieve them almost as much as I enjoy making them

  2. Yes, I most certainly do use stitching on my scrapbook pages and if I do say so myself, they look great. I use whatever I can to stitch on, stay still long enough in my house and you could end up being stitched on.


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